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Leather Helper

How to Restore Your Tattered Sofa Like Brand New One ?


We love sofa, love its softness. However, it finally will be aging, like shabby. We can’t just threw it out and buy new. It could be a big expense. Learning  to fix a tear in a car  seat with this step by step can save you big when it comes to leather car seat repairs.

To fix cracking and wear on leather, using these Leather Repair Kits, The results were well worth the effort.

The Leather Repair Kit also has multifunctional effect, they can apply to couches,car & clothing.

Just three simple steps can help us save a lot faded & scratched leather. Here are some steps for you when you using the kit:

  1. Prepare and clean the damaged area, for best results use Leather Repair Kit
  2. Insert backing fabric , then choose grain paper to fill the damage.
  3. Find matching color and apply it on the sofa. Finally, heat cure.
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